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Advocacy_Patterns_Med Blue.png

L&E Law Mastery + Connections = Success

Legislative Advocacy 

Advocacy_Patterns_Dk Blue.png

Strategic Planning 

Vision + Careful Formulation = Accomplishment

Advocacy_Patterns_Dk Gray.png

Monitoring Legislative & Regulatory Proposals

Tracking + Analysis = 

Advocacy_Patterns_Dk Red.png

Bill Drafting & Analysis

Prudent Framing + Integrity = Legal Soundness

Advocacy_Patterns_Lt Blue.png

Legislative History Analysis

Thorough Research + Effective Advocacy = Winning Arguments

Advocacy_Patterns_Lt Gray.png

Grassroots Development & Coalition Building

Concerted Effort + Access = Powerful Influence

Advocacy_Patterns_Lt Blue (1).png

Tracking/Analysis + Advocacy = Legislative Approval

Budget Advocacy

Advocacy_Patterns_Med Red.png

Political Activity 

Access + Relationships = Meaningful Gains

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