Our Services

Legislative Advocacy

A successful advocacy team must combine legal and public policy expertise with a keen understanding of the political process.  Plenty of advocates are “people” people and have all the right connections.  But most lack the policy expertise to effectively and convincingly advocate a particular position.  The advocacy game has changed.  Legislators, staff, and administrative officials expect much more than just a polished image – you have to know what you are talking about.  It’s no longer just “who you know.”  What you know matters.  At FP Advocacy, we understand that the most effective legislative advocates must have deep knowledge of their subject matter.  We have built our business model around this premise.  Our decades of experience in politics has provided us with the tools and connections we need to “play the game.”  But more importantly, we have the experience, knowledge, and insights to know what we are talking about.  All of which sets us apart from other legislative advocates and helps us deliver successful outcomes for our clients.

Bill Drafting and Analysis

With years of experience drafting literally hundreds of legislative proposals, we work with clients to develop legislative and regulatory language to accomplish their objectives.  Poor drafting fails to accomplish the goal and can lead to years of protracted litigation and the need for further legislation.  Our legal and political experience allow us to draft language in manner that meets client objectives while maintaining legal and procedural integrity to stand up to judicial interpretation.  Our motto is, “Do it right.  Do it once.”


Strategic Planning

Every success begins with a good strategy.  We’ve seen far too many legislative proposals that look good on paper fail because the proponents lacked an effective strategy to implement a vision for success.  At FP Advocacy, we dedicate as much time and effort to developing a strategic plan as we do to carrying it out.  Our legal, political, and public policy experience allow us to help clients identify their objectives and develop the best means to achieve them.

Legislative History Analysis
Monitoring of Legislative/Regulatory Proposals

FP Advocacy provides top-notch monitoring and analysis of legislative and regulatory proposals that affect your business.  We are preeminent in our field when it comes to monitoring and analyzing legislative and regulatory activity that impacts employers.  Our comprehensive monitoring includes political developments, administrative, regulatory and legislative activity, and budgetary review.  Rather than just a general overview, we understand your particular business and provide a comprehensive analysis of how these proposals impact you.

An increasingly important element of successful advocacy is the ability to provide comprehensive legal analysis of the legislative and regulatory history of enacted proposals.  This is particularly true in litigation, where the legislative history can play a critical role in determining how courts interpret and apply statutory and regulatory language.  Many attorneys don’t understand this process or how to successfully use legislative history to advocate their position in a particular matter.  At FP Advocacy, our decades of experience in these matters allow us to provide expert analysis of legislative and regulatory history, including drafting arguments for legal pleadings and amicus briefs.

Budget Advocacy

State budget activity is an important but often overlooked component of advocacy work that has a tremendous impact on businesses.  This is particularly true in terms of administrative enforcement of various laws that affect businesses big and small.  However, the budget process can be complex and difficult to navigate.  Our FP Advocacy team has decades of experience in monitoring and impacting budget proposals for the benefit of clients.  We help you track budgetary proposals, analyze how they will impact you, and successfully weigh in with key stakeholders to affect the outcome of such proposals.


Grassroots Development and Coalition Building

Sometimes, there can be strength in numbers, especially when the “other side” has developed a coalition to advocate a position harmful to your interests.  Our FP Advocacy team has years of experience in grassroots development and coalition building.  We know who the key players are, and we have the connections to make these powerful coalitions possible.  From messaging to PR to strategic guidance, our expertise can help develop the groundswell of support often necessary for a successful advocacy effort.

Political Activity

Relationships are an important part of politics.  Our decades of “inside” experience in the political process provides us with unparalleled access to the key players and stakeholders that matter.  At FP Advocacy, we utilize these connections to develop strong relationships between our clients and policymakers in order to achieve successful outcomes.  We also advise clients on effective utilization of the political process, including political action committees.