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Recent War of Words Puts California Employers in the Crosshairs of National Immigration Debate


Immigration has been a major flashpoint between California and the Trump Administration during the past year.  In 2017, the California Legislature passed significant legislation impacting how California employers deal with federal immigration authorities.  These actions appeared to put California on a collision course with the federal government, with California employers stuck squarely in the middle.  A recent escalation in rhetoric between state and federal officials may portend that such a collision may be imminent.


To read the full article, visit California Employers Blog.

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Sexual Harassment Appears to be the “Hot Topic” for the California Legislature This Year


The California Legislature reconvened on January 3 to begin the second year of the 2017-18 legislative session.  As anticipated, sexual harassment appears to be the “hot topic” for the Legislature this year, with nearly a half-dozen bills introduced to address this issue in the first two days of the legislative session alone.

Several of the bills deal with the Legislature itself and how it responds to sexual harassment claims, following widespread reports of misconduct from legislators, staffers and lobbyists who state they have been victims of harassment or assault - and the high-profile resignation of several legislators, and allegations made against several others.

To read the full article, visit California Employers Blog.

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