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Knowledge + Insight + Access

FP Advocacy provides premier legislative and regulatory advocacy services to clients across the United States, primarily in the fields of labor and employment. With decades of “inside” experience in the political process and comprehensive knowledge of labor and employment law, we have unparalleled access to key players and stakeholders and a proven track record of accomplishment. 

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Advocacy_Patterns_Med Blue.png

L&E Law Mastery + Connections = Success

Legislative Advocacy 

Advocacy_Patterns_Dk Blue.png

Strategic Planning 

Vision + Careful Formulation = Accomplishment

Advocacy_Patterns_Dk Gray.png

Monitoring Legislative & Regulatory Proposals

Tracking + Analysis = 

Advocacy_Patterns_Dk Red.png

Bill Drafting & Analysis

Prudent Framing + Integrity = Legal Soundness

Advocacy_Patterns_Lt Blue.png

Legislative History Analysis

Thorough Research + Effective Advocacy = Winning Arguments

Advocacy_Patterns_Lt Gray.png

Grassroots Development & Coalition Building

Concerted Effort + Access = Powerful Influence

Advocacy_Patterns_Lt Blue (1).png

Tracking/Analysis + Advocacy = Legislative Approval

Budget Advocacy

Advocacy_Patterns_Med Red.png

Political Activity 

Access + Relationships = Meaningful Gains

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